Thursday, November 10, 2016

Elections 2016

Four years ago I sat on my couch crying because we elected President Obama for a second term; this year I sat on my couch- shocked, in disbelief, crying because we somehow elected Donald Trump to lead our country.

I'm struggling to formulate words and positive thoughts. I truly felt like I was in mourning today. I can't help but feel like once again it sucks to be a minority in this country although we did our part and voted:

I feel like racism and sexism won. This tweet pretty much summed up my night and my thoughts.

We're headed into unknown territory and it's fucking scary.

Will we be able to keep health insurance?

Should I stock up on birth control now?

Will Muslims really be forced to leave the country?

I want to say something positive like maybe it won't be that bad but I don't honestly feel that way. Maybe things will look brighter before January 20th.