Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Embarrassing Teacher Moments

In honor of teacher appreciate week I thought I would share my (and my friends) most embarrassing teaching moments

Zipper down x 2 
* The first time my zipper was down in front of my student two girls in the front of class were just cracking up. They were weak with laughter. The rest of class was annoyed they interrupted my lesson. Finally one of the girls call me over and say your zipper is down. I had to act nonchalant but inside I was embarrassed. 

* The second time this happened was the other day. One of the same girls from above said,
"I have a secret" during my lecture. 
 okkkaayyyy. I say
"I have a secret." she says a little while later. Clearly this student needs my attention. 
What is the secret." I ask. I can't tell you it's a secret. 
So I finish the lecture and the student calls me over to her desk and says "The secret is your zipper is down." Yeah. Thanks.  
* That time my students made me laugh so hard I snorted. Then they started laughing at me. 

* The time(s) I tripped over my surge protector cords and almost face-planted in front of my whole class. 

*The (time(s) I mispronounce basic words (today was applicable) but nail the hard ones 

* That time I was mad because a student wasn't listening to me and it turns out I was calling him by the wrong name. 

Clothing x 2
* The time I was giving a lecture and stretched out my arm to point to something when my bra strap unhooked itself. 

*(happened to a friend) The time she ripped her pants in the thigh up to the crotch area. She had to put her sweater around her waist and go home to change. 

Farting x 3 
* I farted silently in class and blamed it on a student

* I had to fart soooo bad and as soon as the bell rang I let it go- only to have a student come in because he forgot something. I blamed one of his classmates. 

* (This happened to my friend) She farted in class and the students smelled it and demanded she open all the windows.

Have you ever had a embarrassing moment while at work?

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