Tuesday, February 16, 2016

People say the Dumbest Stuff

Alternative post title: White man said what?

My husband and I attended a Super Bowl Party at my BFFs house with a bunch of her and her husbands friends when someone found a way to make the party awkward

Scenario: We were all settling in to watch the half-time performance. When Queen Bey stomped and dazzled us with her entrance. I was trying to contain my excitement. One of the Caucasian party goers says- "I'm not attracted to Black girls but BeyoncĂ© is hot." 

As a 'conscious' Black person who typically "stays woke," I struggled to control my initial reaction. After all I was guest in my friends house, surrounded by kindergartners and a lot of white people. 

I don't have a problem with someone having a preference. I just don't think it is something you announce at a party, in mixed company, with 2.5 Black girls in attendance. 

Actually I'm not sure that is a preference you tell anyone at all. I'm not sure there is a way to say "I don't like this particular race" without you looking like a racist. Or maybe a better word is prejudiced.  

When a white man says I'm not normally attracted to black girls it somehow feels like a slap in the face. It feels like Black girls are not good enough for his highness' penis. He might as well said Beyoncé is pretty, "for a Black girl." I felt like I had to defend the attractiveness of my race to this asshole. Why are black women over sexalized or under sexualized. Why can't we just be regular beautiful women? Why is our beauty always up for debate?

Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Who the fuck cares what this guy thinks? He isn't that cute and is dating a girl who looks like a stick. #noassatall

My BFF chastised the guy. His reaction...

"What?! I can say that."

Uh no sir, you can't. 

Because I can and it's Black History Month.... Black Women are beautiful

Update: The Daily Show did a video about this topic and gave it a name

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