Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

It is the last day in 2015!

What an amazing year. I finally got back into my own classroom. I feel settled- like I'm hitting my stride. We're making a life here. I made some awesome new friends.  I finally got my naked Sundays back. I got my nose pierced- something I was thinking about doing way back in 2014. So it wasn't a outstanding year but it was a good year.

I'm trying to decide what my theme is going to be in 2016. I usually try pick a theme that embodies my goals and the things I want to achieve in the upcoming year. I'm leaning towards my theme being "improve." 

One of my major goals this year is to travel more. I didn't travel as much as I wanted this year. I already have a trip to Florida planned and strongly thinking about taking another cruise. 

I want to take care of my health more. I've been working out three times a week and enjoying it.  Now that it is a strong habit I want to tackle sleeping more. I've been a night owl my whole life but seriously 3-4 hours of sleep a night is not healthy.  

I feel like I say this every year ....I want to visit my friends more. One of my very best friends keeps pointing out that I have never flown to visit her! It may not happen this year but I at least want to have a plan to visit her soon. 

 I want to try new things like wearing lipstick! This reminds me of the pretty girls rocks challenge. I'm a tom-boy from way back! I just started wearing full-face makeup last year (one of my goals from last year).  I usually only wear lipstick on special occasions. This year I want to take the next step and wear (bold) lipstick- when I'm not teaching. 

Another major goal is to have FAITH! As someone with anxiety I worry non-stop and this is in direct conflict with my religion. I struggle HARD with this one. I know this is something I will probably always struggle with but I want to be better. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One Thing I'm excited for- Day 30 November Writing Challenge

Today's Prompt: One thing I'm excited for

I'm so excited for life and my future right now. I finally feel like I'm in a great space. I have a amazing husband. I have a job that I love. I have awesome family and friends that support me.  I'm in a sorority that fulfills me. Life is good right now. I thank GOD! If you have been following my blog you know that last year wasn't the best year.  

Of course this doesn't mean I don't have major goals I'm striving for. I would love to buy a house soon. I want to start a family. But if those things don't happen, I'll be extremely disappointed but overall I'll still be in a good space.  I've waited a long time to be content and now that I'm here I can't hardly believe it.  So I'm going to enjoy it while it last  because I'm sure life will be sending me lemons soon (such is the nature of life). 

Thank you for joining me on this writing challenge. Some of the prompts were silly or redundant but overall it was fun.