Thursday, November 12, 2015

Phrases That Make Me Laugh: Day 12 November Writing Challenge

Today's Prompt: Two Words/Phrases that Make You Laugh

I was struggling with this prompt for a little bit then my husband reminded me of two phrases that always make me laugh. Actually when he reminded me of them I actually laughed out loud.

The first one is from the movie The Incredibles. The movie is about a group of super heroes who are forced to go into hiding after the world turns against them. In the scene Lucius (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson)  sees a robot attacking the city through his glass window and he starts looking for his super suit. Of course he can't find it and the interplay between him and his wife cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Often when I'm looking for something I always say, "Honey, where is my (whatever I'm looking for) in the Samuel L. Jackson voice. It's probably annoying but it makes me laugh. 

 If you haven't seen this movie it's one of my favorite Pixar/Disney films. I can't wait until the sequel (and I normally dislike sequels). 

The second phrase that always makes me laugh is from my favorite movie when I was a child; The Neverending Story.  This young boy  (Bastin) is being bullied so he hides out in a book store. He is steals a special book and hides in the attic of his school to read it. He becomes emotionally and eventually physically involved. In the culminating scene the Childlike Empress (absolutely my favorite character) implores Bastin to give her a new name. The earnest and over-the-top acting gets me every time. I laugh and secretly love it. I've seen this movie so many times, I know every scene, every word and every nuance. I just love this movie even though I know it is corny. 

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