Friday, November 6, 2015

Who Fascinates Me? : Day 6 November Writing Challenge

Today's Challenge: Someone Who Fascinates You and Why.

Someone who fascinates me is Shonda Rhimes. If you are not familiar with her she is the Queen of Thursday night television on ABC. She is a executive producer and/or head writer of several shows including Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, (formally) Off the Map, and (formally) Private Practice. She also happens to be African-American. Her talent, her creativity and the ability to have this level of success in a industry that doesn't support Black people is unparalleled. Her success is shocking. I can't think of any Caucasian counterpart who has has the same success as her. 

She fascinates me not just because of her success but because she is doing the very job I wanted to do. Her path could have been my path if I just had been brave and confident enough (I know this is a theme in my life but that is another story for another blog). I truly admire her. I love that she is a writer at heart and that she loves to tell a story. I love that she writes for everyone. Her shows are inclusive of all nationalities. I like that she makes her Black characters real people and she does not succumb to the pressure to make them flawless and perfect. I admire her fearlessness. I follow her on twitter and she stands in her truth daily. 

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