Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tattoos: Day 7 November Writing Challenge

Today's Writing Challenge: What tattoos you have and if they have meaning.

I have three tattoos (so far). I plan on getting at least two more soon but I'm not one of those people who get tattoos just to get them. They all have deep meanings. I want the best artwork. I want the best tattoo artist for the style I want. I want to make sure I love it because it is permanent.

My first tattoo is a single open rose. When I was a teenager I decided that I would get a rose tattoo. I love roses and it also is the flower for my birth month (June). My grandmothers name was Rose. I was obsessed with this tattoo so very soon after I turned 18 I got it tattooed on my calf. 

Four years later I got my second tattoo; A roman numeral two with a open rose cutting diagonally through it. The II is symbol for the Gemini astrological sign.  I consider myself to have a very Gemini personality and I got the rose because I wanted my tattoos to tie in together. Yes call me foolish I believe in astrology.  No, Gemini's are "two-faced' having multiple personalities is not two-faced.

My third tattoo is a Sankofa. "The concept of 'Sankofa" is derived from King Adinkera of the Akan people of West African. 'Sankofa' is expressed in the Akan language as 'se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenki.' Literally translated, this means 'it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.' Visually and symbolically, 'Sankofa' is expressed as a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth." ( The Sankofa could also be stylized as a heart shape and that is the version I have. (as you just found out I hate birds). Of course I just had to add a rose in the middle of the heart. 

I believe in learning from our past. I believe in reaching back and using the past to move me and another generation forward (Another reason I am a teacher). 

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