Monday, November 16, 2015

Pet Peeves: Day 15 November Writing Challenge

Today's  Yesterday's Prompt: Three Pet Peeves 

1. One of my biggest Pet Peeves is shitty customer service. When I worked in customer service I worked to give everyone my best service. I feel like many people don't care about their customers which is crazy but we're all customers at some point. I also dislike it when people abuse customer service workers!

2. Another pet peeve is flaky people. I've written about it before ( click here). It seems like lately it is getting worse. People make commitments and have no problem with not showing up and not bothering with calling.  At least tell you're not going to show up. A couple of times I've caught myself making commitments I had no intention on keeping- and quickly corrected myself. 

3. When people say "me personally."  It's either me or personally. Not both!  

Leave some of your pet peeves in the comments

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