Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Earliest Memory: Day 2 November Writing Challenge

My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is not a happy one. That is probably why I remember it so well. This memory happened before I was three. I was sitting on a couch in a house I can describe perfectly even though I haven't seen pictures of it. My parents are standing in front of me arguing. I have this image of my mom slightly bent at the waist; yelling. The memory gets a little fuzzy after that- thank goodness.  Maybe I started crying? Maybe they took me out of the room? Whatever happened the memory is not that long but I can still feel the feeling of being upset. Is that weird?

I've never told my parents that I remember them fighting because I never wanted them to feel guilty for arguing in front of me. This memory also reminds me that is probably a good idea that my parents divorced soon after, they were happier separate.  

I do have another (happier) memory at that house. I was in my crib looking across my room. I was trying to figure out how to get out of my jail and get to my really cool giraffe toy chest. The toy chest was also a chair. It was about 2-3 feet tall. It was so cool that if I find it again I'll immediately buy it for my future child's bedroom. I'll be decorating his/her room in giraffes anyway. 

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