Friday, November 13, 2015

My Commute: Day 13 November Writing Challenge

Today's Prompt: Your Commute to and from work/school/Etc

I thought this prompt was funny because my work is at a school!

7:00- First attempt to leave the house. Wait did I walk the dog?
7:05- Coax Shasta out of the house and watch her go potty
7:15- The time I usually leave the house
7:17- Drop off the dog's "present" at the trash can
7:20- I'm cracking up at my morning radio show. It's a local show and the show personalities have good bits that they do including one where they have contestants try to guess a movie title but they can't say any of the words in the title or any of the characters in the movie. (I'm going to try that during our next game night).
7:30- Take the long way to work because taking the freeway means I'll never get there
7:35- The long way means five stops signs-on the same street
7:38- Hit the freeway to go 1.5 miles. People think that we're on race track. Seriously they try to run you over if you go below 75mph
7:40- I take the back way around the school to avoid all the parents dropping off their kids.
7:41- Arrive at school
Total Drive Time: 20-22 minutes 

4:00- First attempt to leave school (I swear there is always something to do #lifeofateacher
4:15- Second attempt to leave school (unless it is a Tuesday or Thursday because that is when I have office hours)
4:17- Dodge students on the way to the parking lot
4:19- Stop and talk to a student and/or a teacher
4:22- Third attempt to leave school- realize that I have to go potty
4:30- Actually get in the car
4:31- Try not to hit students in the parking lot
4:33-  (Sort-of) Try not to hit students on the street
4:35-  Get on the freeway
4:38- Try not to fall asleep in bumper-to-bumper traffic. 
4:43- Wish I had a bigger car
4:44- Start "shopping" for cars by looking at cars I'm stuck in traffic with
4:45- Wonder why I don't have a chauffeur.
4:50- Wistfully dream of DC public transportation
4:53- Complain about the number of stop signs on the same street I traveled that morning
5:15ish- Arrive home
Total Drive Time: 40-45 minutes (yes my drive time is double in the evening) 

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