Sunday, November 29, 2015

My 21st Birthday- Day 29 November Writing Challenge

Today's Prompt: The night of your 21st birthday

Honestly my 21st birthday was nothing like I planned. In fact I remember crying at some point. Apparently I can't have a big event in my life without my tears (long story to  be told soon). I spent the morning running around because it was the first day of summer school. I was supposed to attend class in one location but when I got there I found out that there wasn't enough students registered and they completely canceled my class. I had scramble to find a class (between three different locations) that was accepting students. I remember it being really stressful.

In the middle of trying to figure out the whole class thing my boyfriend called and basically bailed on the evening plans. It was something about him not having a ride and me not having time to go get him. I was very upset. I never have a boyfriend for my birthday, I had envisioned a fabulous night with him. 

I started the evening having dinner with my dad. My birthday and fathers day landed on the same day that year. I can't remember what my first legal drink was..... a margarita? It was actually a pleasant time. I should have known the rest of the night would be shit since this part went so well.  Things with my dad never go this smooth. 

Later, I met up with my usual crew. The shitty part is that I was the second oldest so I knew we couldn't go to a bar or something that typical 21-year-olds do on their birthdays. Everything went downhill from there. None of my friends were in the mood to go out but I dragged them out anyway. We ended up at a bowling alley (I love bowling), but the shitty attitudes lingered.  Seriously no one was happy- I was struggling to have fun. It seemed like everyone forgot it was my birthday. I had a long island iced tea and I kicked ass bowling but after one game everyone was ready to go home. So I dropped off my GBFF and went home...alone. 

No big party, very very mild drinking, unhappy friends, MIA boyfriend = a blah birthday. 

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