Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Five Problems with Social Media: Day 1 November Writing Challenge

Five Problems with Social Media

1. Satire Websites: There are a bunch of satire websites that people continually post as fact. WHY COME no one checks before they repost something??? I've seen the story about the woman masturbating with a sausage several times- it's not true! 

2. Bullies: People feel real comfortable behind a keyboard and have tendency to say things they wouldn't normally say in person. Cut the bull. 

3. The Need to Post Everything: I recently went on vacation and only posted one picture on social media. I love the idea of seeing vacation pictures but sometimes we get so caught up in looking like we're having a great vacation that we forget to actually enjoy the vacation. 

Which leads to....

4. (Seemingly) Perfect lives: Everyone's lives look perfect online. It is easy to get caught in the hype and start comparing your lives to theirs but in reality it took 20 outtakes, three filters, lots of screaming to get that one photo. 

5. The over-sharer: We all know that one person that put EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING online....we don't need to read it or see it.