Thursday, November 19, 2015

Five Fears: Day 19 November Writing Challenge

Today's Prompt: Five Fears That You Have 

I'm going to try to do this prompt without taking this post down a dark path. Asking someone who has anxiety about their fear is asking about the blackest part of their soul. 

1. Not Being Good Enough: I feel like this is a fear everyone has. One of the hard things about being a teacher is that it is performance based. Teachers are evaluated by classroom visits from the administration and student test scores. Having a off day could mean you're not getting that raise at the end of the school year or worse not getting a contract for the next year. 

2. Heights (and falling):  I'm not the person to get on your Ferris wheel or step out on your 20th floor balcony. Nope! I even told my husband that we can't buy a house with a 2nd floor balcony. I would probably never use it. 

3.  Not being financially secure: Losing my job was  my one of my greatest fears realized. It's scary not having a major source of income while knowing that you haven't saved enough to support long-term unemployment. I'm now working on rebuilding my savings and making sure our future is secure. 

4.  Enclosed Spaces: I hate feeling trapped. I'm okay in closet but f
t someone tried to join me in the closet then I'm freaked out. I just need to be able to move and breathe freely.  

5.  Thunderstorms: They are scary. Period.

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