Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Favorite Color: Day 18 November Writing Challenge

Today's Prompt: Your Favorite Color and Why

Okay some of these prompts are silly- I've already skipped two (My thoughts on ageism [don't have any] and bullet your whole day [nope]) This is one of the sillier prompts. 

I've had a lot of favorite colors (Black, Blood Red, Royal Blue) . The truth is I love color. I always hate that decorating your home as an adult means having a sophisticated color pallet. My eye is always drawn to the children's side of the furniture stores. So much color- it just looks like fun. I really believe in color being a mood changer, 

If I had to pick a favorite color I would say it's Purple. Through all my "favorite" colors purple has remained one of my top favorites. Purple makes me very happy. I love looking at it. I love how it looks when I wear it. I love light purple, all the way to dark almost-black purple. 

I've always wanted a purple bedroom and for one reason or another I never got to have one until now. (Thank you Husband). I believe color can boost your mood. I'm still in the process of decorating it the way I want but soon I'll have the purple bedroom of my dreams. 

When I got married I couldn't decide if we should have a red (his favorite color) or a purple wedding. I ended up picking a red wedding mostly because it fit with the holiday theme. However, I constantly questioned that decision. The plan is to renew our vows and have a purple celebration. We'll see. 

Alice Walker- The Color Purple

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