Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 Years in the Future: Day 14 November Writing Challenge

I refuse to write about yet another tragedy like I did here and here, so I'm not ignoring what happened in Paris- I just don't want to focus on the negative. 

Today's Prompt: Your Life in 7 Years

This prompt is so hard for me because I honestly haven't thought about the next 7 years which is a little unusual for me because I'm a planner. I think I haven't thought about 7 years from now because I'm pretty content. I'm not forcing myself to strive for the next milestone.
The house picture I used on my vision board
In seven years I expect to still be living in California. My husband and I would have purchased a 4 bedroom house in a nice diverse neighborhood. The house would have a big backyard and hopefully have a pool. We're skipping the starter home and going straight for the dream. 

Our beautiful and super smart child would be turning 6 and already reading independently. Poor child I already have high expectations for him/her. 

I would be teaching English. Right now I teach History I want to certify to teach both subjects. In 7 years or sooner I will probably start looking at getting another Masters degree in educational counseling just in case I get tired of being in the classroom. 

In the past I've been extremely disappointed that I haven't met milestones like I owning a house  or getting married by a certain age. It was stressful and every birthday I would feel like I let myself down. I'm not putting pressure on myself to meet some obituary deadline. It's easier said than done however, I'm  determined to live life and enjoy it.  

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