Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10 Interesting Things: Day 4 November Writing Challenge

Today's Writing Challenge: 10 Interesting Things about Yourself

1. I'm allergic to a ton of things: cats, grass, pollen, mold, bees, honey, perfume and (just recently discovered) Chai. A couple of months ago I ordered a chai tea at Starbucks and soon my tongue was itching. It was probably the third time I've had chai tea and the third time that has happened so no more chai for me. 

2. I dislike birds: They are gross and disgusting. 

3. I love to read: In 2014 I read 101 books. My goal this year was to read 50 books (I'm working more this year). I am currently reading book 48 and 49. I also joined a book club. It is so cool meeting new people and reading books I wouldn't normally read. 

4. I'm a really goofy person: Most people don't get to see this side of me but I'm pretty silly. 

5.  I love to play video games: All the time! I was kinda a tomboy growing up. I skateboarded, played (tackle) football and played video games with the boys. So while I may be more ladylike now, I still play video games like the boys.  

6. I'm very competitive: I love playing board games, my family will tell you that I'm strict rule follower and I like to win. 

7. I don't like soup: or any type of water-type food like gravy or stew. However I do love gumbo. 

8. I collect Black Barbie Dolls; I don't have a problem with her not representing the "typical girl." She's a doll. She's supposed to be perfect. I don't wish to be her or anything. I just think she's pretty. Every year I get the collectors edition of the holiday Barbie. I think my oldest one is from 1995. 

9. I almost converted to Judaism: I started studying the religion and I found that it fit in with my beliefs but since I was so conflicted and unsure of myself I never went through with it. 

10. I've recently changed my lifestyle: I'm a little hesitant to write about it because it is still new.  This August I joined a gym and I've been killing it. I usually go 3-4 times a week and sprinkle in at-home workouts. I don't know how much weight I've lost because I'm more focused on being healthy. However the pounds are coming off.  I feel good. I'm gaining muscle. For the past six weeks my husband has joined me in the gym. We're taking this healthy lifestyle journey together. We're eating healthier. We got fitbits. We want to have a baby so we need to be the healthiest people we could be. Plus I'm tired of watching my friends lose weight and wishing it could be me. I know I'll never be a super skinny person but I can be #fatfit 

So there you have it 10 (hopefully) interesting things about me. I hope you all are enjoying this writing challenge. It's actually pretty fun. 

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