Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Black Lives Matter (Again)

I'm so sick of talking about another shooting. I'm sick of crying over more innocent African-Americans being killed. I don't know what to say anymore. 

On my Facebook page I wrote #blacklivesmatter isn't just a saying or a hashtag it is a movement. Get mad. Get fed up and get engaged. 

One of my white friends responded by writing #alllivesmatter. No shit! My response was "of course they do but I'm just focused on Black Lives right now." The sad part I'm sure many people feel that this movement will make things more divisive but the problem is there has been a systematic killing and prosecution of African-Americans and we need to do something about it.  It is no longer acceptable for us to sit back and wait for things to happen. I challenge you to find a way to get involved. This will be a second Civil Rights Movement. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Are Family Reunions Still Important?

It's summer time which usually means hot sun, minimal clothes, barbecues and family reunions.

I can't stand family reunions and I actively find ways to not attend. Family reunions are gatherings of family members in a unconvinced location (Why can't we have the family reunion at Disneyland?) where I'm subjected to meeting all the relatives I haven't seen since my fifth birthday.

The best part of family reunions is the food, spades (and/or dominoes) games. Sometimes I get to hear a random story about my parents when they were young and wild.

Reunions are a practice of good social manners. For example when I run into that cousin I haven't seen since we took baths together when I was four, I promise that I will keep in touch which really means I'll add her to my social media page and forgo any real or meaningful contact.

I wish family reunions looked like they look on t.v. Everyone sitting around shooting the breeze, eating, and competing in organized family games (seriously if your family does that please invite me!). I wish I could stop being fake. Let's not pretend that we're going to contact each other and become the cousins we should be.

I feel like they just lost their purpose. What is the point of attending a family reunion? Is it to reconnect with all the elders of your family? That is admirable. Does it actually happen? I find that at these reunions I don't feel connected to my people, if anything I leave feeling more disconnected than ever.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong.