Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Lives Matter

I'm so frustrated/angry/disappointed/upset/hurt over the grand jury's decision not the indict the police officer that killed Micheal Brown. I know there are so many variables but conducting a trial should be minimum. I can't even talk about it anymore without crying. I feel so defeated. 

The truth is... it is hard being Black in this country. Things are not equal. I wonder what can I do to improve stereotypes? I teach my students (90% are Black and 5% are Latino) how to conduct themselves but who is going to teach Caucasians about racial stereotypes? Where do we go from here?

Next Steps???

One of the things that made the bus boycotts of the 1960s so successful was it was a unified "pronged" attack. If we unite WE SHALL OVERCOME. If we hit them in their pocketbooks WE SHALL OVERCOME. If we vote and get involved in politics WE SHALL OVERCOME.

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