Monday, August 25, 2014

The Time I Catfished Someone

I was watching a recent episode of Catfish and laughing at the how silly these people are having a relationship with someone they haven't met. Then I remembered how I catfished someone...

Way back when AOL was new and it was the only way to connect to the internet; my teen-aged self use to troll around in chat rooms.

One day this guy read my profile (AOL was really the original Facebook) and asked me about a quote that was featured on it. The quote was anti-police and he said he was a police officer. He wondered why someone would openly hate the police.

We began to chat. I wasn't as anti-police as the quote made me seem. Typical online conversations at the time always started with a/s/l (Age, sex and location). I started the crafting my online persona then. I made my age older than I was. My location was close to where I lived but not exactly (actually that was just a safety measure).

I'm not sure why I told him I looked like someone else. I wasn't trying to get over on him. I wasn't even interested in a relationship or friendship. The internet allows you to be anonymous. I could be be anyone I wanted. Being the extremely creative person that I am I was able to craft my perfect online persona and feed my imagination. 

It was fun, exciting and a way to escape. The thing I feel most guilty about is I used a picture of an acquaintance of mine. These were the days of shitty digital cameras (I think I had to take a picture of a picture) so the picture he received was blurry. It is wrong to steal someone's picture. 

We talked for awhile (close to a year). We didn't have a romantic relationship but there was titillating conversation. I can easily see how people can get wrapped up in it. There is that anticipation of logging on hoping to "see" the person online. Feeling like you have a friend to talk to. It is easy to feel a sense of intimacy behind a computer screen. 

Obviously if this took place in 2014 I think the conversation and results would have been different. It truly embarrassing that I had the nerve to do something like this. I'm glad he didn't take me seriously. 

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