Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The New Gig

After a year of unemployment (and "on call" employment) I'm finally employed FULL-TIME!!! I'm so excited. 

I really wanted to work at this school. I was a substitute there. I love the teachers and the school culture. I was "all in" but after two interviews and a demonstration lesson, I was turned down for the position. I was extremely disappointed. 


6 weeks later, I received a email from the school principal personally offering me a different position. I am now a full-time substitute. I'm at the school everyday and filling in as needed or like right now I'll be in one class for a few months because a teacher is on maternity leave.

While I don't have my own classroom I am at the same great school with those amazing teachers. It is a step in the door. It is a way to feel grounded in one place. 

It is humbling to be turned down for a teaching position and still show up and accept a lesser position. People keep asking me why I'm not a "regular" teacher since I obviously have experience. I have to explain the whole situation. 

I'm hoping that the powers that be see my strength, commitment, and willingness to improve. I'm putting in work this school year. I'm also going to beef up my portfolio; meaning I am going to get certified to teach another subject. I'm working on my classroom management techniques. I will also take every professional development chance I can get. 

Next year there will not be any question about if I am good enough. They'll know. 

Being unemployed has been extremely hard for me but I think I needed this struggle. I needed a shake up in my life. I spent too long living a fearful life and settling for the easy way. I needed to put my trust in God and let him lead my life. 

My husband says, "God's thoughts are not our thoughts. In times like these he is teaching us to trust him. We have to trust HIS process. God always has more for us than what we can see. He knows our needs and wants." 

You can't have a testimony without a test.