Thursday, July 10, 2014

Married at First Sight

I was watching this new show Married at First Sight and while at first I thought it was sounded like some crazy reality show but I was surprised that it was actually sincere. 

The show has four specialists (a sexologist, spiritualist, psychologist and a sociologist) who use scientific data to pick the perfect couple. They create three perfect couples who don't meet until they are getting married. The couples agree to get married and live for five weeks together. After the weeks they have to decide to remain together or separate. 

So of course the "extreme" part is that they don't meet before they get married. The interesting part is that the couples really want to get married. They seem like they are taking the situation seriously. They want to meet the love of their lives. 

Of course they seem like that on the Bachelor and we know how that works out. But for now I believe them. The romantic in me is cheering for these couples but the realistic in me says they are not all going to make it. They may be completely compatible on paper but that doesn't always measure up in real life. Plus how long does it take to fall in love? They have five weeks to fall in love and decided if they are going to stay together. 

The first episode walks the viewers up to wedding day. The first couple Jaime and Doug are the first couple we see get married (or do they). As Jaime starts to walk down the aisle she is disheartened to not feel attracted to Doug. She starts to have second thoughts and the episodes ends. I was mad at her because she kept saying how "personality" is more important than looks but then focused on how he looked. He seems like a great guy. I hope she gives him a chance. 

The Black couple Monet and Vaughn seem like they would be a good fit because they have the same values. Before they coupled him up I told my husband he seems like an asshole. He is so uptight and set in his ways. It was easy to see why he is single. And yet I'm still cheering for them (YES Black love). 

Here's the thing I don't think this concept is that crazy. These specialists spent a lot of time with the participants. The participants had to fill out extensive personality test. It is like having the perfect matchmaker. The specialists could probably pick out a better match then your friends. 

I will be following this show all season. I'm interested to find out if the couples will have sex on their wedding night (they are married). How will they get along with their new families? Will they fall in love? Will they stay together? I'm intrigued. 

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