Saturday, May 31, 2014

How Much is too Much to Share on Social Media

Remember how I wrote that I wanted a designer puppy? Well I got one and I didn't have to purchase it through a puppy mill. My husband's coworker was moving and she couldn't take her four(!) dogs with her. She gave all the dogs away to a good home. I picked up one of her Chihuahuas. He is so adorable and sweet. His temperament is not like a feisty little dog but more like a sweet old man. 

I posted a couple of pictures to Facebook to show him off and left it at that. It got me to thinking about how much of our lives that we live online. I love social media. I love that we can connect to people instantaneously. When I was living in DC I kept in touch with all my friends through Myspace and then Facebook (FB) and now that I live in California FB keeps me connected to my DC friends. 

I try not to over share on social media (with the exception of this blog because that is what it is for). I wonder what I will be like when I have a child. I've read a bunch of those BuzzFeed lists about the top annoying infractions people commit on Facebook.  One of those is having your profile picture being your child and posting updates that are all about Junior. 

I never want to be that person who posts endless pictures and updates about their child or anything really. (Although I think having a kid-centered blog filled with pictures would be awesome for Grandparents and others who would be interested). Two of my friends recently gave birth and between the two of them I've only seen four (maybe five) pictures. I would not mind seeing more pictures. 

I think it is hard to find a happy medium. How do you balance wanting to show off your kid while not annoying your childless friends? I'm not sure there is a happy medium. People are going to be annoyed no matter what. 

Outside of the child issue how do you not being annoying on FB? I know my friends must be annoyed when I have a social event with my Sorority. There ends up being a ton of tagged photos of me 

Overall it is hard to annoy me on social media because that is what it is there for; sharing our lives with each other. Sure some of it is superficial but it is also fun and interesting. What people don't realize is that they have a choice. I don't have a ton of friends on FB because I didn't just want to be friends with some random person I barely talked to in high school. I wanted my friends who I care about and who care about me. 

So give your friends a break for posting endless pictures of their baby or a ton of group shots from their Sorority event. Give them a break for posting status updates about how much they are not sleeping. If it bothers you so much block or unfriend them.

Of course I had to picture of the dog: Here is Tre

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