Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Confessions from your Child's Teacher

 To parents/guardian's as the school year winds down I (the teacher) have a few confessions: 

* Your child lies: Yes, your child. Your sweet angel. LIES!! They lie to you, they lie to me, they lie to their friends. They will say anything to stay out of trouble and look cool 

*Your child is manipulative: Yes, your child.... I had student tell him mom that I hit him. The real story is I tapped him on the head with a flat sheet of paper (one sheet). I had a grandparent who refused to believe her grandson would cuss. Yes, he does know those words! 

* I don't grade everything they hand in: Teachers have a extraordinary amount of things to grade. So much that we take grading home (all the time).  We'll even turn down a social events to grade papers. There isn't enough time to grade everything you scholar hands in. Sorry! 

* I don't like to call you (just as much as you hate receiving that call): But the school requires that I keep you informed and I need to document it. 

*I will tell you ANYTHING if you try to talk to me at 3:00 pm on a Friday before a three-day weekend: seriously you're the only thing keeping from three glorious student-free days. 

*Your child tells ALL your business- and I mean ALL: You should probably talk to your child about keeping certain information "in-house." I know about your sex life, how much money you make, if you and your significant other are fighting. 

*I have favorites: Yes, I have favorite students for various reasons; they remind me of me; they try really hard; they are sweet. 

*School is hard and your kids have more distractions: Yes, it is harder than when you went to school and you already know they have WAY more distractions (hello Instagram). Be strict and keep you standards high.

*Summer "vacation" is needed: I dislike it when people say I get paid to do nothing all summer. Well, I already earned that money. Most school districts withhold at least 20% from each paycheck since August to which is paid back to us during summer. I have mentioned that we always take work home. ALWAYS. That time is "unpaid."  Also, some school districts require professional development during summer. This could mean taking classes and/or going to conferences. 

Of course it is not going to stop me from bragging! 11 more days until school is out! 

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Gods Son said...

This was an Awesome piece!! You are a Awesome teacher!!