Sunday, December 15, 2013

You Are Beautiful

I watched this Dove commercial and I'll admit it made it a little weepy. I know if I had to describe myself to a sketch artist I would probably be negative.

I think women are too hard on ourselves and each other. We want to be perfect according to some unattainable ideals. I'm sure if they conducted this experiment with men the men would describe themselves better than what they actually look like. Men are confident that way. 

This video made me start thinking about the power of being positive.  Although I am a confident person when I look in the mirror I see negative. I see the chubby cheeks, old acne scars, and thin lips. I rarely see the cute almond shaped eyes,  fabulous boobs, and killer smile. I shouldn't wait for a fantastic hair day or when I'm all dolled up to see positive image in the mirror. I shouldn't wait to until someone tells me I look fab before I tell myself. 

What if every morning I say something positive and life affirming? How would that change my life? How will it make me feel? I think I am going to make this my 2014 challenge.  

YES it's a little Pollyanna but I believe in the power of the universe. (I also believe in the power of prayer but what is the point in praying then being negative the rest of the time). 

I am going to try to incorporate positive thinking into more things that I do including this job search. Maybe I would have a awesome full-time position by now. (I am THANKFUL for my substitute position). 

**Update** I saw this and I had to post it. I'm not sure if the stats are true but it breaks my heart to know that this could be true. 

It makes me upset because I've seen this negativity manifest itself in our teenage girls. At my former job we had something similar to a photo booth experience. I could always count on the teenage girls commenting on how "ugly" and "fat" they were. Always.  The more shocking part is that as much as we love to blame the "media" for this behavior (and it should take some of the blame) it usually starts at home. I often watch the girls' mothers replay the same scenario when they come to pick up their pictures. The moms would comment on how "fat" and "ugly" they were. Guess what, your daughter is listening and emulating you. That is the message you're sending without even knowing it. 

I've been trolling a bunch of body acceptance blogs for encouragement and positive words. I will be posting this on my mirror so I can see it every morning. It may seem silly but I'm sick of feeling bad for not looking like everyone else. I have a husband who loves me just as I am (tells me I'm beautiful, can't keep his hands off me) and yet I feel like I'm not "perfect" enough for him. WHAT?? The only person putting pressure on me is me. So I'm changing my thinking. This doesn't mean I'm not going to continue to improve my health (read: workout and diet). I'm just taking the pressure off. 

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Gods Son said...

You Are Beautiful! I am So Proud you've gotten back into writing your blog post have been Awesome.