Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interview Hair

I finally scored an interview at a school! When I told my mother, the second question she asked me was how are you going to wear your hair?

I suspect if I was still wearing my hair straight  this question would not have come up, but in the last 5 months I've started wearing more natural hairstyles (twist-outs, puffs, braids). Currently I'm rocking a cute flat twist-out. It is completely face flattering but I'm not sure about wearing it to a interview.

There is no way I could graduate from Howard University and not know how to prepare for a interview. Experts always recommend you go for a conservative look for interviews unless you are applying for a really creative job. Unfortunately, I don't think teaching counts as "creative".  A conservative look usually means hair pulled back from your face, nothing puffy, big or showy. 

I hate that we still have to have this hair debate but every few months there is another article about how a school or workplace rejected a woman who was wearing her hair in a natural style. So it seems that the world still has issues with women wearing puffs, dreadlocks, braid-outs and fros. 

When I look at pictures of women in 1970s I see a lot of women rocking natural hairstyles. It seems like the natural hair movement stopped with the formality of the 1980s. I feel like this new natural hair movement is picking up steam. I hope it sticks. 

If I decide to straighten my hair for the interview and I get the job, when do I show up with my curly/kinky do? The first day? A week later? A month later? 

What do you think? What is the perfect interview hair? 

**update** I read this fantastic article on Is America Bent on Convincing Black Women that Their Beauty is Unacceptable. I have so many thoughts about this I might do another blog post but seriously I feel like black women are continuiously made to feel not as pretty as other races. 

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