Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 On Deck

It is hours away from 2014 and I'm sick. 

I wanted to be looking fabulous and partying hard at my friends house. Instead I'm going to pump myself full of medicine, look halfway decent, stop by the party and take myself home.

Last year was so unexpected it was hard to make resolutions for 2014. I kept them simple this year. Easy enough to follow through. 

The biggest thing I learned this year is that it is okay to take a risk. It was scary to return to California. It was something I really wanted to do but I was scared. Terrified. My husband and I talked about it. We prayed about it and we finally just jumped in. It was not easy. It was a little uncomfortable but I know it was the right decision. 

So for 2014 I wish you bravery, love, happiness, and a little bit of uncomfortable (it helps you appreciate the good times).

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