Monday, November 11, 2013

Ten Worse Customer Service Infractions

Last year I wrote about the Top 10 Annoying Habits of Customers. As the holiday shopping season approaches I thought I would revisit except I'm doing the Ten Worse Customer Service Infractions. 

I expect the BEST customer service.  I've gone through the best training programs and have personally trained staff members. I treat people extremely well and I expect to be treated the same.  I think it is important to speak up when customer service is not up to par.

Top Ten Worse Customer Service Infractions is when people...

1. are rude: I completely understand they have had a very long day. I know my face is a long sea of faces but a customer service rep should always be polite. 

2.  carry on a conversation with their co-worker  (Or have an entirely inappropriate conversation): 
I get it. I use to have amazing (and sometimes inappropriate) conversations with my coworkers but never in front of customers. I should not feel like I'm intruding on their conversation. 

3.  play with their cell: Unless the customer service rep works for Apple or Verizon I doubt they are allowed to be on their phones. I also should not have to wait for them to  "finish the level" before I can get assistance (true story) 

4.  hide: we've all be there; trying to find a sales rep to open up the dressing room door but they all have disappeared. 

5.  don't know their job: Why do I know more about their inventory than they do?  One time at Target an employee told me that he is only a seasonal employee and he didn't know anything.  WHAT?? 

6.  don't listen: is there anything worse then explaining your issue and the person didn't hear anything you said?

7.  don't follow through: If you told me my car was going to be done in an hour and two hours later, I'm still sitting here= bad customer service. If  you say you are going to return my phone call...RETURN THE CALL! 

When I...

8.  Can't find a phone number to call: I should not have to Google a telephone number only to find it on some random message board (true story) 

9.  Can't get a person on the phone: When I call a certain local government phone number I literally have to hit a bunch of random numbers in a row to trigger the transfer to a real-live person 

10.  receive crappy quality product: Standards, Standards, Standards! 

I found this great article about how to deal with bad customer service. Remember no matter how bad the customer service is maintain your cool. 

Have fun shopping! 

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