Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FEAR: F(alse) E(motions) A(ppearing) R(eal)

I have this amazing idea for a company.

It makes me mad because I know this is probably the "right" time for me to start a company but most likely I will not do it.

I know it can be successful. I know the products. I've been a manager. I know business.There is a pretty big demand and almost a non-existent supply. I've outlined a basic business plan. I would love to be my own boss. I love my idea. It makes me excited to plan it but everything stops there. 

I can't or won't execute it it. Besides not have the start-up funds to get this company going; it could be a huge financial gamble. 

And I don't gamble. 

I've come across a few articles lately outlining the difference between how rich people think and how middle class people think. My thinking is a textbook example why I am not a millionaire. Rich people take risks. Middle class people don't. 

It's scary. I think about all the bloggers/You Tubers/Etsy-ers who took their idea and started making money. They were not scared to jump in and follow their dreams. They make it seem so easy.  

How do people get over that fear? It feels bigger than a fear of failure. It is like a fear of wasting money, failing, being broke, hating it, not being good at it....I could go on. That's how big the fear is. 

Fear is a future emotion yet I let it rule my present life. I'm disappointed with myself. I find that as I get older the risks get bigger so I take fewer of them. In reality we're supposed to be able to gauge our risks better and make better choices. It's cliché
 but true "the greater the risk; the greater the reward." 

I recently met a small business owner. I loved her enthusiasm and passion for her products (bras). My goal is to visit her on Small Business Saturday (November 30, 2013) but also pick her brain about starting a business. 

Baby steps! 

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