Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Relationship Guilt

Sometimes I feel relationship guilt. Many of my friends are single and sometimes I feel guilty for having an amazing relationship while they are out there struggling. 

I've been extremely blessed in my relationship but I do remember the struggle

I remember the horrible dates, friends with benefits (seriously I had a guy fall asleep in the middle of sex!), lonely nights, wondering how to meet someone, thinking I'd be single forever, increasing my toy collection, buying Costco size batteries packs (using them all) and listening to my roommate getting laid (loudly). 

Being single sucks (unless you choose to be single).  I am completely sympathetic. I wish I could give singles what I have...


I'm not one of those coupled-up persons who try to hook up all their single friends. I wouldn't want that kind of pressure. I would feel completely responsible for their relationship. If it failed I would feel like I failed. Yes, I would take it that seriously! 

As my husband and I start to talk about making the next step in our relationship. I feel like I'm leaving my single friends behind. It's hard to share the joys without feeling like I'm rubbing it in their face. 

It's probably completely in my head but it's a unstated, whispered fear of mine.  

Good friends are with you no matter what but they do pull away.  I'm scared off the pull. 

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