Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm Falling in Love

I'm falling in love with California...again.

I've always had love for my home state. I ALWAYS represented my state (probably to the annoyance of some). I think everyone I encountered knew where I was from and my plans not to stay on the East Coast. 

Despite the setbacks, returning to California has been the best experience. I find myself enjoying the sunshine, everyday. I almost forgot how freaking beautiful the sky is in Northern California. The weather has been on point. The only time I wear socks/shoes is when I go to the gym.

I feel whole here. It is like my life was missing something in DC but it wasn't obvious. I only feel it when I'm here. I feel like ME. (Not that I wasn't myself in DC). I also forgot how nice and laid back people are. It's just a relaxed feeling here. 

When I drive through the city I admire the rivers, the buildings and the scenery.  They make me smile and sigh. The same way I did when I would drive over the 14th street bridge in DC and spot the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument punctuating the sky.

Maybe I just have a thing for architecture. 

There is also something to be said about being surrounded by people who have known you forever. Hanging out with my best friend (who I'm afraid I've neglected while I was in DC) feels familiar and comfortable. We're still wise cracking and fast talking but more mature.  I love that I can see my sister when I want. I didn't realize I missed her until she invited the hubby and I over to watch our Oakland Raiders lose yet another game. She cooked and I was in heaven.

Next month my mom returns to California. All my [close] family will be in the same state!! As corny as it sounds I'm looking forward to Sunday dinners with my family.

 I'll admit that I grew very fond of DC. I'll miss it in some ways. I matured there--I arrived when I was 20, left at 23, returned at 24 and finally left again at 32. But something the GBFF [that is Gay Best Friend Forever] said the other day stuck with me. He said I'm [now] in the city where people go to settle down and start families.  

I'm finally ready. 

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This is such a wonderful circling experience put in words. GOD'S plan all in 12yrs:priceless :-)