Monday, August 12, 2013

I hate saying goodbye

Is it wrong of me to not want to say goodbye? We leave for California in ten days. My various groups of friends want to get together for happy hours, dinners and cookouts. I'm not feeling it.

I hate saying goodbye.

I hate being the center of attention.

I'm ok with talking about leaving except to people who try to talk me out of it. It's too late; plane tickets are purchased, movers are scheduled, my mind is set.

Honestly, I don't know if moving to California is a good decision. It is the best decision for the situation now. That is all I can ask for. We (my husband and I) prayed about it. We talked endlessly about it. Once we made the decision I felt awesome about it.

I know I shouldn't complain about having friends that want to see me off. I am blessed. When I moved to DC I knew three people. I met and married my husband-gained a family.  I joined the Sorority and gained a slew of sisters. I've befriended awesome coworkers that I now call friends.

Blessed. Truly Blessed.

Leaving them is not easy. How soon will they forget about me. We will promise to keep in touch. We will for a little bit then it will all be reduced to contact through Facebook. They will promise to visit. I doubt they will actually come but will welcome them if they do.

So in the next two weeks I will finish packing and say goodbye. I'm ready...well except for the packing part. I'm so sick of packing. I'm almost tempted to pay the movers to pack up everything. It seriously might be worth it.

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