Wednesday, August 21, 2013

365 Days of Sex

My friend tweeted an article about a wife who "gave" her husband a gift of sex for a year. The wife was pretty reasonably happy in her marriage but found their sex life lackluster. The wife decided to change it and write a book about it. I almost purchased the book to see how they accomplished the feat. I wanted it to read like a sex diary however the reviews are clear that it is more of a exploration of their life. 

My first thought about the article and book is I call bullshit. It is nearly impossible to have sex everyday because...

Most women have menstrual cycles. Now there are a couple of ways to circumvent this issue- birth control, oral sex, "backdoor", or just go for it. 

2.  Someone does not feel well: I usually don't get sick but in a year I'm am sure I will get sick at least once. I don't know about you but the thought of trying to get it on with a stuffed nose, sore throat and a headache does not put me in the mood. In fact I don't want to be touched. What about those nights you are sick to your stomach? You can't tell me sex is enjoyable with bubble guts. 

3. Someone is exhausted: Granted this is a weak excuse but it does happen. After a day of work, taking care of kids, working on your book and cooking dinner, it is hard to get it up. 

4. Honestly who really wants to have sex everyday? I know some of you are thinking this girl is crazy but put it into food terms. If you have a Cinnabun® every single day for a month wouldn't you get tired of that Cinnabun®. It's nice to skip a day because it makes you want it more. The break makes returning to you lover more exciting. 

Sex does not HAVE to take a nosedive after marriage. I hate that it has become a running joke. My single friends ask me in whispers if it is true that married couples stop having sex. I laugh. I know it is true that some couples are not having sex.  Although you can't prove that from my couple friends (if I get another baby announcement....). Seriously it is not that hard to make sex a priority. After that is it easy to have that special connection at least 345 days a year. 

Maybe I should write a sex diary...Hmmmm

Update: Another interesting article about 365 days of sex 

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