Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Standing Still

I hate the feeling of not knowing what my next step is. 

I hate not knowing what my next job is. 

I'm am so mad I was robbed of the contentment of the past 10 months. Who knew not having a job would shake me as much as it has?

Basically I'm in flux and I hate it. 

My friend tweeted this morning "Every stage of our life has new challenges and it's important not to miss where you are thinking too hard about where you want to be."  (BTW she borrowed this). It made me shake my head and laugh (smh&lol). 

I am obviously at a new stage in my life- I just earned my masters degree and started a new career, as I just finished my first year teaching. I am seriously thinking hard about what I where I want to be but maybe I am missing out where I am in life. Perhaps I should be enjoying the freedom; no kids,education, no serious need to be near family, an amazing husband. 

Instead I am tortured. Should I stay or should I go? I wanted to move to California in a year but now seems like a opportune time to go but it is such a big decision. My husband and I have been talking about it for two weeks and we still don't have a answer.  

Next week I'm just going to roll the dice.