Sunday, June 30, 2013

Will I Get Fired for This?....Yes

The title of this blog goes back to the beginning of blog when people were getting fired for what they were writing and publishing. Well I did get fired....but not because of the blog. 

Teachers work on yearly contracts. At the end of the year the principal typically offers the teachers another contract unless they really don't want you. 

I found out through HR that I was not asked back next year. I was completely shocked and unprepared. I am proud that I walked out that lady's office without going off or crying. I even managed to smile at the janitor in the elevator. Inside I was in full panic mode. I have NEVER been out of a job....ever. When my old job had layoffs I managed to not be on the cutting block 3 times.  I was always thankful that I still had a job and I felt bad for my coworkers. It was the weirdest sensation to be on the other side.

I cried in the safety of my classroom.

I talked to another teacher who was in the same boat.

 I talked to my mentor. 

Then  I demanded to speak to the principal-actually I barged in her office because she did not respond to my email in a timely manner. 

Her explanation was It's not you, it's us. The school is up for accreditation and they do not have the time to foster me. WHAT??!!! I found out they let go a bunch of new teachers. It still doesn't make it feel better. I know I'm not the best teacher but I'm new and learning. I've worked so hard with no support from this school. I never expected them to dump me. 

And I do feel dumped. 

I've gone through all the emotions, shock, anger, and denial back to anger. Finally acceptance. 

I'm on the hunt for a new teaching job. I refuse to go running back to my old job. I have been entertaining an idea of moving back to California. We were planning on moving in a couple of years why not take this opportunity now. I hate having so much up in the air but that's life.