Monday, April 8, 2013

Yes, my hair is straight and natural

Last year I went 6 months without a relaxer just to see if my hair was better without the chemicals. Honestly, I really couldn't tell the different except my hair was harder to manage. This year, when I took my annual summer braids out I was determined to not get a relaxer but find a way to have straight hair.
So I had my hair blown out. (side note: my hairdresser is amazing and does not use a ton of heat) I absolutely loved the results. She chopped almost all the the relaxed ends off. (I was not happy about that. I lost a significant amount of length). The end result is healthy beautiful chemical-free straight hair.
I expect I will wear my hair straight most of the time but I might be willing to try more styles. I've been studying You Tube tutorials hoping that I could replicate their awesome styles. I am nervous. It is hard trying something new and stepping out on a limb especially since everyone is so opinionated about hair. Really, the only opinion I care about is my husbands! (I had a friend tell me her husband hated her natural curly hair).

9 months chemically free and counting.

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