Saturday, August 11, 2012

Emergency Contacts

Honest moment- I had been struggling to write a blog post about emergency contacts for some reason or another. My typical reasoning is, if I have to fight with it to get it written I don't publish it.

Lately I have received pretty bad news about friends and good acquaintances. Serious medical issues. It has been shocking and worrisome. This sounds cliché but it truly makes you think about your own life and how fragile life is.

During one of these medical crisis's I realized I didn't have my best friend's boyfriend's contact information. They live together! Of course I never thought about what if there was a emergency. However as we get older we have to start thinking about these things. The boyfriend's information is now in my phone and we are Facebook friends.

Please take care of your health (physical and mental). I think I have been too cavalier about my health. I've been taking it for granted. That stops now! 

[The good news is all the people who had health issues are doing better! ]