Friday, July 20, 2012

Top 10 Annoying Habits of Customers

I work at a museum where we strive to give the best customer service possible but sometimes customers make it so hard. I have comprised a list of the Top 10 Annoying Habits of Customers. There are plenty of lists that blast the people who work in customer service (and trust me many of them are fair assessments) however I want to give you a peek of the type of people that **WE** have to deal with:

People who:
  1.  Make Jokes-  Everyone thinks they are funny. Trust me we have heard all your jokes before. Seriously... ALL. BEFORE.
  2.  Expect Us to Read Minds- These people come to the counter and stand there and stare. Or worse they have no idea what they want and want us to guess. We don't want to guess.
  3. Don't Read- We have signs up for a reason.  If more people took the time to READ the signs it would answer 90% of their questions.
  4. Don't Listen- This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate thoroughly answering a question and  having the person ask me a question that I already answered. It makes me want to slap them. 
  5. Share Their Body- I'm talking about stinky people, over perfumed people and sweaty people. Not to mention that people feel the need to lick their fingers and HAND items over to me. Also, if your money is sweaty- pay by credit card.
  6. Lie (and lie badly)- We know you are not a senior. We know your child is not 12. Seriously, it makes you look silly and cheap.
  7. Don't follow the rules-  These are the people who completely disregard the rules and know better. Why do people think it is OK to go behind a barrier--one that clearly says DO NOT ENTER?
  8. Argue (who knows best)-  I don't know how many times after giving someone direction, they respond by saying "My friend said..." I have been dying to say "Does your friend work here?
  9. Don't Wait Their Turn- I seriously dislike this on both sides of the counter. When I am helping someone I hate when people crowd around the person and try hurry them up. When I am the customer I always tell people to "back up off me." 
  10. Talk on Cell Phones-  Can you finish your conversation so I can help you?    

This is not a comprehensive list. Please leave a comment of your pet peeves:

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Gods Son said...

My Biggest Pet peeve is when a customer feels that I am not important enough to talk to.