Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays besides New Years! I love that everyone feels patriotic. I love the warm weather and I really love the fireworks.

I find fireworks romantic.Maybe it is the call of summer or maybe it is the feeling of that reminds us of the innocence and fun of summer. There is something about sitting watching the fireworks dance in the sky. I remember spending one Fourth in the back of my pickup truck with a good friend who I wanted to be more than a friend. The fireworks were lighting up the sky and I was silently begging him to kiss me. I could not have planned it better. I snuggled up to him and somehow there was no kiss. It was a perfectly wasted moment. He told me later that he had thought about it but decided against it.

The first Fourth I spent with my now husband, then boyfriend, was at the beach with his family. JJ and I wandered off and found a prime location where we could sit and watch the fireworks. When the fireworks started he did not hesitate to kiss me and pose for one of my favorite pictures of us. Five days later he proposed!! I wish he would have done it under the colorful sky the night of the Fourth but who am I to complain?

I think a Independence Day firework kiss might just edge out a New Year's kiss! I hope everyone gets a kiss tonight.

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