Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's my Birthday!

My thirtieth year is coming to a close tonight. I am completely relieved that this year has not been a complete disaster like all my other "big" years (13,16,18,21,25 all horrible). I don't know what made the difference this year but I am very thankful. 

The funny thing for me is that I have planned everything except for my life passed 30. For some reason I never thought that far into the future. Not that 30 is incredibly old it is just that I believed the palm readers when they said I had a short live line. (Just kidding, sort of ). I feel like this is all new territory- new undreamed, undefined period in my life. 

Since my expectations are at zero I've been enjoying less pressure. However, I can never go without goals; halfway point of the year. It's time to reassess my New Years goals. Out of eight goals I have managed to complete four. The four easiest ones! How are you guys doing on your goals? Most people  have given up or forgotten their goals by now. So I am pledging my resolve to work on my four remaining goals. The major goal -losing weight- needs my full attention. After my birthday weekend (full of birthday cake and alcohol). I promise to get back on the wagon... er treadmill. 

Good Luck. 

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