Sunday, June 3, 2012

So This Book I'm Writing...

I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I don't typically ready "buzzed" about book (Twilight: for example). However, I made a exception for Fifty because I enjoy reading erotica (good erotica- not Zane). What I find more interesting than the story itself (and the story is interesting- half romance and half erotica) is the author behind the story. If you haven't heard by now E.L. James, the author of Fifty, started posting her writings on a Twilight Fan Fiction site. She then signed with a small publishing company and the book unexpectedly went viral. She writes under a pseudonym and use to live a fairly normal life with her two sons. I am so impressed and filled with hope for my own book. 

I'm working on a novel,  actually I'm working on two novels, one is for juveniles and the other is erotica. Maybe it's the Gemini in me loving to deal with two extremes. I would like to publish the juvenile book under my name but the erotica under a pseudonym (hopefully to be kept under wraps). I haven't told people about the erotica book because it makes people think about you differently. I definitely have not told my family. I wonder how they would feel or what they would think. Can you imagine how that conversation would play out?? AWKWARD!!!  

MOM: When are you going to let me read this book you've been working on
ME: Well I'm not sure if it's your type of book
MOM: Of course I would want read your book. You're a talented writer
ME:'s sort-of a adult romance type book 
MOM: So you wrote a SEX BOOK???

And it will only gets worse from there. I can imagine with E.L. James trying to explain to her teenage sons about her book. Hopefully they are not getting teased at school. However when you write this type of book (or any type of book) you open yourself up to some criticism. I better be up to the challenge. I'll eventually have to tell my mom if when my plan to be a successful author comes to fruition but until then I'll keep writing in secret!


Gods Son said...

That was awesome. Can't wait for the Books to be finished!! You are an Awesome and talented writer.

Anima_Noir said...

I loved the 50 shades trilogy...I am hoping your book tops it, we need more lady porn (that is what my husband calls it).

Pria said...

LOL your husband is right! We need more lady porn!