Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We almost bought a timeshare

Jay and I "won" a vacation to Massanutten. It was one of those congratulations you won now please come listen to our timeshare presentation. We needed a vacation and I was sincerely interested in the timeshare because my family had one growing up and that is how we were able to afford fabulous vacations. The place was huge and pretty rustic. They kept describing the place as luxury resort- um no- not by my standards. Call me bougie. We had dinner at their signature restaurant. The food was decent if not boring; the service was excellent. We stayed in the resorts hotel. It was definitely not close to anything we saw online. It was rundown, old, stinky,cheap, out-of-the-way, and very disappointing.

The next day we went to the timeshare presentation. This was my first one but I've heard stories. I assumed we would be listening to some salesman in a room with other couples - I might have preferred that. Instead we were introduced to our salesman (Mike? Joe? David)who was assigned just to us. He was nice but I hate salesmen and I already decided he was going to have to work really hard to gain my attention and trust. Plus I read every review of this resort and timeshare offering. I knew they were going to be pushy. Basically our guide took us around the resort in his personal car. It was long  and annoying. We couldn't just get out of his car mid-presentation and say we're not interested. Could we? Did I mention that at the end of the presentation we were promised a $200 gift card along with a voucher for another free trip? Also, I should mention he freaked out when I pulled my cell phone out to look up information. "Because this is a presentation we ask that you don't use your cell phones."  WTF?

 I felt like we were fish, he was baiting us, to reel in later. When we finally got back to the office (read: huge room full of tables where salesmen make their final pitches. Where the music is turned up loud enough so you can't hear people at the table next to you). We finally talked numbers. To be honest I was interested. I think they could sense it. It was like blood in the water. I was worn down, hungry and tired- we started at 12:30pm it was a little after 4pm when we returned to the office.  

The offers were awesome (and kept getting better after the first and second NO) but I kept thinking it's silly to buy a timeshare when we don't own a home yet. It's silly to buy a timeshare in a place we'll probably never return to. The biggest appeal to me was the ability to transfer your weeks to other places. So we said no. We kept saying no. After a hour (if you're keeping track- about 5pm). They finally released us. We finally got to pick up our gift card! We wasted almost a full day! I was pissed. The famous Waterpark that this resort was known for was closing at 8 and was going to be closed the following day. We didn't make it to the waterpark.

The next day- our last full day- I wanted to make the most of our trip. We decided to go fishing. Something I've never done! So we fished. It was fun. I'm not a girly-girl but I just couldn't put that worm on the hook. I made Jay do it! He ended up catching three fish to my two. We also went miniature golfing. This was probably the most boring mini golf course I had ever been on. I- normally a stickler for the rules- just goofed off and didn't bother keeping score. 

Overall we had a relaxing time. I enjoyed spending time with my husband away from the day-to-day. I'm not a outdoorsy time of girl or a cold weather type of girl otherwise I might consider going back. Of course I'd rent one other those really nice rooms.


29tolife said...

I've been there before. It is rustic, but it's a cool place to just get away and relax. They had a lot of activities, or if you just wanted to chill you can do that too. I went in the winter and went skiing for the first time. If you are into that, it may be more worth it. Yes, you are right, they do kidnap you and then try to sell like nobody's business. Glad you got to get away though!

Pria said...

I'm not a outdoorsy person and I'm scared of heights so I would never go there in the winter. They do have a lot to do but you have to pay for everything. #fail