Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When Confrontation goes Awry.

As I grow in my 30s I feel the need to project a image of someone who is more polished and refined than I really feel (working on the premise that if I fake it long enough I'll probably actually feel grown).  Lately, I've struggled with a challenge on confrontation. It is my nature to be upfront and confrontational [side note: not all confrontation is a bad thing]. I've been avoiding confrontation with a coworker. I'm not sure how to proceed with her. 

THE BACK STORY: This coworker and I had a silly misunderstanding, mostly because sometimes things are lost in translation (she's from another country and sometimes just doesn't understand). She ended the interaction with a rude statement towards me. I was frankly kinda shocked. It was really out of character for her. I waited for awhile then I went to her to clear the air. I explained that it was a simple misunderstanding and that I don't know why it got so out of hand. I also said that if I was to talk to her in the way she talked to me, I would have been pulled into our bosses office and "talked" too.  Her response was basically to accuse me of doing something that had NOTHING to do with the misunderstanding. 

The issue is; she's not talking to me. In theory I like her not talking to me because now I don't have to pretend to care about her life. Sorry the truth is this girl is my complete opposite in EVERY way. We have nothing in common. However, I do supervise her. I need to talk to her to do my job but somehow we've made it two weeks without directly talking to each other. Now I could confront her again and tell her this whole thing is silly but I really just want to torture her. I want to find ways to make her talk to me and watch her try to avoid it. Is that sadistic? I'll probably be a grown-up one of these days and squash it but until then ignoring her seems to be the path. 

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