Sunday, April 1, 2012

Interesting Questions

My friend and fellow blogger( Tasha's 365 Musical Journey ) decided  to tag me in a question/answer chain letter type thing. I thought I would give it a try although I probably will not pass it on.

Here are the rules:

Post the rules.

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post

Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Now it’s my turn to ask questions.

Now time for the questions.

1) If you could be an adult during any other decade in history, which would you choose? My first thought to answer this question is if I was an adult during any other decade would I be Black? If yes that sort-of changes the answer. I love the 50s but I would not necessarily want to be Black during the 50s. My second choice would be the 70s. I would have been a awesome hippy.

2) If you could get rid of any one celebrity, who would you choose?

3) Who was your childhood celebrity crush? Will Smith-- I call him my ex husband

4) What outfit are you wearing in a picture from your past that makes you shake your head? I had this fake cross colors matching shorts and jean jacket. I love it- it was not cute at all!

5) What is your favorite love song? Love is You by Chrisette Michele. It is my wedding song.

6) What is your guilty pleasure show? Secret Life of the American Teenager

7) Who is your favorite author? Maya Angelou

8) Which cartoon character most closely resembles your personality? Tweety Bird  (I still contend that Tweety is a girl)

9) What is your least favorite chore? Doing the Dishes

10) Which post is your favorite on Tasha's 365 Musical Journey? Red High Heels because it's basically a girl power one. Also, None of Your Business because I am tired of people caring about what is going on in my uterus.

11) Which zodiac sign do you feel you are most compatible with? Leo!

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