Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's (almost) 2012

As 2011 comes to a close most people can't help but reflect on the past 11.5 months. I am big on New Years being an important time to reflect and a time for renewal.  The first half of last year was not a good one. In fact I had very dramatic highs (cruise!) and horrible lows (my father passing away). While some things are out of my control I am wishing for the next year to be more even. I typically don't declare resolutions. I have things that I want to work on or change. When my birthday comes around in June (the 6th month mark) I reassess my goals and make sure I am on the path I wanted to be on.  I always try to include a "fun" goal. If you are going to make resolutions I recommend a "fun" one to be included with the traditional "lose weight" one. This year my list is incredibly personal so I will not be posting it here (my apologies-you'll hear about a few later). I will post my list from last year.

1. Pass the Praxis 2
2.  Go on a vacation
3. Get a job teaching
4. Go to California
5. Start/Finish a goal from 2003
6. Pray more
7.  Contact my friends more 
8. Support my husband in every way (finding a job, extra relations)
9. Finish classes for my Masters Degree
10. Relax 

  Happy New Year!