Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girly Things

I know my style is different from many of the girls here. I'm (northern) California casual where they are East Coast Chic.  I'm also a tom-boy (which I know is code for lesbian nowadays but I mean it in the original sense of the word. I played sports, rode bikes, skateboarded, climbed trees, etc. I was just interested in typical "boy" things). Therefore things like fashion and handbags never interested me. I'm just starting to get into fashion even though I'm pretty "vanilla" with my look. (some of that has to do with never being "stick thin" and my self image but that's another post). I never got into purses. It seems like women are SOOOO into purses now. The more expensive the better. The more exclusive the better. The more initials the easier it is to show off.  I don't get it! I can't understand spending $300 for a bag to put stuff in! And I don't even have $300 in my wallet! I'm supposed to have a bag for all seasons, every occasion, and outfit. Whew! I can't keep up. Despite of all of this I have decided it is time for the to get a grown up purse. However I have rules. I want a small bag (I refuse to carry a suitcase on my arm). The max price I am willing to pay is: $80. (sorry folks I'm on a budget).  The bag can't be boring! I'm quirky, different so my bag should be as well.  I am open to your suggestions. 

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