Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years Later

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War. Five years...can you believe that? I'm not going to get into the pointlessness of the war or how we're never going to get out of there. What I want us to remember is the military families. My cousin is doing his third tour of duty there. I can't even wrap my mind around what it's like there. What he is going through for the third time. How does he return to "normal" life? {As I write this he just popped up online- his ears must have been burning}.

Too many people I've known have died in this stupid war. Young people with futures. Young people with families who are now left with broken hearts, memories and a bitter tasts in their mouths.

From The L Word "One of the things asked of us when we go to the front lines is that we be prepared to be separated from the ones we love and we asked it from them too fight for their freedom maybe never to come home. And when we do come home we feel blessed. It seems so wrong now to have my personal freedom denied to me within my own country, it seems wrong to watch the person that I love being interrogated like a criminal when she did nothing wrong."