Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Belated New Year

Man has it been a interesting start to the new year.

First let me back track to Dec

Dec was extremely busy- I’m not talking about the “busy” that you tell your friends when you want to blow them off. I’m talking about work 8 hour shifts and staying after to work a party. I’m talking about attending two holiday parties in one night. I’m talking about not having any free weekends. Anyway it was crazy. I was so happy to see 2007 end. I did a New Years blog with a bunch oh shout outs to my peeps. I’m going to post a small bit of it here:
This was the year of extremes. This time last year I couldn't the year ending this well; it honestly started out as the worse year of my life and it ended up being the year of achievement. I have never pushed myself harder. I have never been more proud. I learned to trust myself I learned that we all are stronger than we think we are. In 2008 I plan on taking the lessons in 07 and let them remind me of who I am but not hunt me.

My theme for 08 is CAN, DO, WILL.

The most interesting change from last year is that I am no longer single…. In a strange turn of events I’m dating one of my friends. It’s still in the bright new shiny penny phase but I’m having fun and looking forward to the long haul- yep it’s that serious.