Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Old Self meet New Friends

The other day I did something that several years ago I would not have given a second thought to. However my “new” friends (by new I mean people who have only known me for 5 years or less) were shocked.

I was going to mount a total defense of my actions. I wasn’t wrong. It was harmless. Yada Yada Yada. But the truth is…it WAS wrong. It was a victimless crime but still wrong. It’s hilarious because my 17 year old self laughed and enjoyed it all. It was a small victory for the immature me I left behind a long time ago. My 26 year-old friends haven’t met that girl. I think they were disappointed. They expect more from me.

I wonder if they knew me then, would they like me. Would we even be friends? By the looks on their faces, I doubt it. I feel lucky that I was able to reinvent myself and that I have grown so much. Still, I do enjoy letting my “child at heart” come out and play-even if she’s a little bad!

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