Saturday, April 14, 2007

Level Exes

I had a complete "Sex and the City " moment the other day. Remember when Carrie ran into Aiden after they broke up the last time? She sees him from behind and he turns around with the baby. Carrie finds out that Aiden is married(?) with child.

So I run into one of my exes and I find out that he has moved on. No biggie I didn't expect him to be at home pinning away for me. What upsets me is that he has moved on to what I consider the next step in life. You know the moving in, buying a home, marriage and kids level. In fact all my exes (and quite a few friends) have seem to be getting to this step. I can't help but think why can't I make there? Is my focus on my education and career impeding my relationships? I don't feel like it should. I keep repeating the same (painful) conversation with people. It's making me sick

Me: Hey how are you doing?
Them: Great. ______ and I have moved in together.
Me: Well that's great.
Them: What are you up to?
Me: Oh just working and going to school
Them: Are you dating anyone?
Me: No
Them: Oh _____ and I are probably going to get engaged (or buy a house) this year. So what happened to that guy you were...
Me: Uhhh yeah we broke up.

Anyway you get the point. I wonder where are all the smart good black men with no kids, a job, a car and who aren't intimated by a strong, educated, independent, (cute) black woman. Oy vey, I'll be single forever.

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