Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vacation Time

We all know about the March Madness work production low but a lesser-known but equally dangerous threat to work production is the pre-vacation.

Two weeks before your vacation you start daydreaming about where you'll be in two weeks. You see yourself warm, smiling, laying on the beach with a drink in hand. You're happy. Along with the daydreaming comes spending precious time shopping on the Internet. You just have to buy the sundress you were wearing in your daydream. Congratulations you have effectively lowered your work production by 25%. Couple that with the normal 25% of work time you waste by checking your personal email, blogging and playing Sudoku online. You have now decrease your work production by 50%.

Only one week to go. Now you spend you online time looking for hot spots, making sure you have a rental car, checking the weather reports. There's just not enough time during you lunch hour you just have to take a day off for more last minute shopping and getting your hair, nails, toes done. Not only have you managed to decrease your work production by another 20% you have also scored a "pre-vacation" day off.

The last day of work before freedom. You've actually increased your work production-after all who wants to come back to a work load sitting on their desk? Just when you almost reach your pre-pre-vacation work efficiency you realize that you haven't finished packing! You quietly slip out the back door and unofficially begin your vacation. Enjoy!

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